About Us

Are you a student in Stuttgart who is looking for cheap short-term accommodation (up to six months)? Or maybe you are a tenant in the student dormitories Allmandring II or III and you want to sublet your room for at least two weeks during vacation / semester abroad / internship or you have canceled your tenancy agreement too late? Either way you are here at the right place!

The Wohnungsreferat Stuttgart e.V. (“student letting office”) is a non-profit registered association which brings together students who want to let their room (“landlords”) and students who want to rent a room (“subtenants”). We are also taking care of all the formalities involed. Each year, we take care of approx. 200 rental agreements (as of 2020).


  • for landlords: searching a subtenant
  • tenancy agreements specific to the dormitories
  • trustee for rent and security deposit
  • key exchange during move-in/out
  • free of charge thanks to volunteering
  • help and orientation for our guest students

Further Information