Checklist for Your Move-out

Notes about Corona:

  • Do not wipe surfaces with only a damp cloth but please clean the the complete room with cleaning agents!
  • Ventilate the room before and during the appointment.
  • Wear a face mask at the appointment.

Note: This page only applys to tenants that already have a contract with us.

You certainly want your move-out to be uncomplicated. For this reason, we provide a check list for you containing the main points that we attach importance to and the hidden spots of cleaning.

If the room is not sufficiently cleaned, we are unfortunately obliged to have you clean the room again. Please take your time to clean the room thoroughly.

Residential accomodations

Terms that are used below:

  • Allmandring I: House numbers 8A–22D
  • Allmandring II: House numbers 24A–24D
  • Allmandring III: House numbers 26A–26D
  • Shared floor (Allmandring I): You have your own room and share the kitchen and the bathroom with other roommates of the shared floor.
  • Apartment (Allmandring I): You have your own bathroom and kitchen furniture integrated in your room.
  • Shared flat: All rooms in Allmandring II or III are shared flats which means that you share the kitchen and the bathroom with a maximum of four other inhabitants in the same flat.

Cleaning equipment

In general, you get the cleaning equipment (like detergent and sponge) from your caretaker. In addition to that:

  • Shared floors: Every shared kitchen has got cleaning buckets, etc.
  • Allmandring II/III: Every shared flat should own a vacuum cleaner/cleaning swab. In Allmandring III, there is a vacuum cleaner in every house. A sign on a flat door shows you where it is currently located.


  • The room has to be empty, except for the inventory of the dormitory.
    • Landlord: Small things like a lamp or mirror can be left in the room, as far as you move in again. Everything else has to be arranged with us and maybe with the subtenant. Especially the closet has to be useable.
  • Please clean the dust from everywhere, especially
    • the back desk compartments (they are hidden, turn the desk!)
    • the upper shelf compartments (especially the walk-in closet in shared floors)
    • the top of the closet
    • white baseboard along the bottom of the walls
    • Allmandring II/III: the drawer under the bed
  • Please clean the furniture with a wet cleaning rag after removing any sticky tape.
  • Please clean the spider webs from everywhere, especially in the corners below the ceiling
  • Please clean the windows with a wet cleaning rag. Also open the window and remove dirt from the frame.
  • Shared floors: Please clean the sink in your room and the mirror cabinet (also from the inside)
  • Please wipe (if it’s vinyl flooring) or vacuum (if it’s a carpet) the floor, also under the bed (eventually remove the drawer to do so)
  • Please air out the room.
  • Turn off the radiator.
  • Common rooms:
    • Allmandring I, shared floors: The kitchen rack with the respective room number and the refrigerator rack must be empty and clean.
    • Allmandring II/III: The shared flat (kitchen, bathroom, WC) has to be cleaned recently, should be arranged with the roommates. The balcony must be free of any trash.
  • Apartments:
    • bath room including shower, toilett, and cabinet
    • kitchen including stove, kitchen hood, cabinets
    • unplug, defrost and clean the fridge; keep the fridge unplugged with open door

After your move-out, we will lock the room. If you have to wait e.g. for a flight, you are welcome to stay in one of the common rooms. In order to speed up our check after the cleaning, we kindly ask you to

  • open all closets and drawers,
  • move the desk and bed away from the wall, and
  • flip the mattress up