Rent a Room

Please follow the steps below if you are interested in short-term accommodation in the student dormitories Allmandring II and Allmandring III of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart near the campus Vaihingen of the University of Stuttgart. We will then add you to our waiting list.

  1. Please read the section “General information” in the FAQ for subtenants. You will find detailed information in our terms and conditions for subtenancy agreements.
  2. You will find photos of the hostel and rooms in our gallery. Additional information about the student dormitories Allmandring II and III is available at the website of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.
  3. Fill out the complete form below and hit “submit”. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  4. If you want to change your application or if you are living already in our hostel as subtenant, then write us an e-mail instead.
  5. Even if you have told us a longer term, we will offer you rooms for a minimum of one month. Offers for a longer duration are unlikely. Once you live here, we will put you on the waiting list for the remaining time with priority.
  6. We cannot inform you about your position on the waiting list or likelihood to get a room just in time since this is even for us unpredictable.

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